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Team Analysis

Our analysis begins with a comprehensive employee survey that will provide a better understanding of accommodation needs and professional development goals at the individual and team levels. We aim to ensure all employees have the tools they need to go above and beyond in their roles. We specialize in facilitating low-to-no cost accommodations to support employees with chronic illness and/or disabilities; mental health challenges; and dynamic scheduling demands. We also work to implement employee development initiatives to enhance the overall professional development of your workforce.

Our initial survey will analyze the following: 

1. Company Policy & Awareness.

This section assesses your employees’ knowledge of company policy on accommodations as well as the efficacy of training/onboarding and the visibility of resources to support employees with chronic illness
2. Accommodations by Type

This section is organized by accommodation type.  Employees are encouraged to only respond to sections that pertain to their medical issues and/or the job functions they perform. 
3. Scheduling

This section is meant to determine need among employees who need to visit doctors or physical therapists; have family scheduling conflicts; or commuting difficulties that may warrant scheduling accommodations. 
4. Professional Development

This section investigates potential growth opportunities for employees within the company;  opportunities to take on additional responsibility or learn new skills; or to develop further in their role.


For best team-level results, we recommend surveying functional teams in groups, as results are best interpreted when employees have similar job requirements. Employees are encouraged to fill out only sections of the survey that pertain to the duties and responsibilities of their job. After the survey, AbiliTEAM will work with team leadership and individual employees to implement accommodations to improve workflow and/or set actionable goals for professional development. Both the project and retainer plans include distribution of this survey at the team level.

When it's time to survey the team, we will provide the following:

The survey: ready to distribute among your team.

An instructions sheet: tailored to the accommodation capacity of your company/team, you'll send this sheet to your employees with instructions on the survey and its purpose. 

A spreadsheet: displaying the results of the survey and color-coded to determine areas where the company excels, needs improvement, and has critical deficits. 

A summary report: explaining the results of the survey, trends of needs among your team, and recommendations to move forward. 

Employee check-in sheets: for employees who elected to provide their name on the survey. Sheets will be customized to the employee's indicated needs and will contain some jumping off points for you (the team leader) to foster a conversation.  

Please review AbiliTEAM's plans and reach out with any questions about our services and/or survey!

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